We are CLEAR,
Aiming to be
the world's most vibrant
learning tech company.

Operates 「Clear」- one of the largest learning platform in Asia.


About us

We develop and operate products that nurture self-directed
attitude in people.

Build a society that cultivates personal leadership. That's our mission.


We provide our services with one of the largest
learning platform - Clear - as our main product.


Student enrollment service for tutoring schools integrated into our Clear platform

Creating a bridge and making tutoring schools more accessible by students, at reasonable prices.

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One of the largest learning platform in Japan

Features note-sharing, Q&A and educational microblogging to make collaborative learning fun and easy. Help others learn to deepen understanding and create richer learning experience.

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Collaborative learning tool for educational institutions

We made our Clear platform available at educational institutions, including private tutoring schools. Increase students' motivation for learning and cement their understanding of topics by encouraging home-based collaborative learning.

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