About us


To be the world's most vibrant
learning tech company

Change the rules of learning. Vibrant in the world. Grounded on the values we believe, we are a learning tech company - creating technology for all learners.


Cultivating Personal Leadership

Build a society that cultivates personal leadership. That's our mission. Life based on commonality was a thing of the past. We now live in an age where people are able to work and have the lifestyle built around personal values. On the other hand, many education systems are not able to provide guidance based on personal strengths and qualities. That is why we create products that are based around personal leadership and self-directedness. 「Ability to raise and solve own issues」「Society made of people who can light their own path」Our beliefs are embedded here at our company「CLEARNOTE」


Delighted Customers

We value both our users and customers who make our products possible. We to constantly strive to deliver what's best for our valued users and customers.


To realize our vision, we are not satisfied with small results and keep challenging ourselves to set higher goals. We fight the status quo and whenever unsure we pick the higher goals.

Team collaboration

We achieve higher goals as a team. We believe that teams produce greater results than individuals. Therefore we value differences in our team, treat each other with respect and put our emphasis on effective communication.


We set our goals and put emphasis on delivering results for our users and customers while measuring our progress towards realizing our visions and missions.


“Wakuwaku - the state of feeling excited.”
We believe that feeling excited is important to fulfill our mission and vision. Finding joy in what we do is essential to continually produce high-quality results. Furthermore, we value providing services that excite our users and customers.

Company Information

  • Company Name CLEARNOTE, Inc. (part of KOKUYO Group since 2021)
  • Head Office 1-8-35, Konan, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan, 108-8710
  • Date of Establishment October 5, 2010
  • Representative Director, CEO Yoshikazu Yamada
  • Director Toshio Naito
  • Director Yosuke Miura
  • Products - Note-sharing platform - Clearnote
    - Student enrolment service - MEETS
  • Enquiry contact @ clearnotebooks.com

Management Team

Yoshikazu founded and managed a tutoring school with a friend when he was still a student - which after ensuring that the business was right on track, he went abroad to study in the United States as an exchange student. He was based in Hong Kong for 6 years to oversee a local subsidiary for a TSE-listed company. As Chief Business Development Officer at CLEARNOTE, he managed the company's overall business operations and development before being appointed to his current post in April of 2022.

Yoshikazu Yamada

Representative Director, CEO